We are currently looking for self-motivated PhD students (starting from Fall 2024 or later) and Post-docs to work together on 3D computer vision. The specific research topics include (but are not limited to):

  1. Data-efficient learning (includes semi-supervised learning, few-shot learning, self-supervised learning) for 3D scene understanding;
  2. Multi-modal joint learning for scene understanding with images and point clouds;
  3. Out-of-distribution learning (includes domain adaptation/generalization and open-vocabulary learning) for scene understanding;
  4. Continual/incremental learning for 3D scene understanding;
  5. Semantic 3D scene reconstruction that jointly reconstructs and understands scenes;
  6. Language-guided 3D scene understanding such as 3D Visual Grounding and 3D QA;
  7. 3D Generation and Editing (object-level or scene-level).


General Requirements:

  1. You should have a bachelor's or master's degree in computer science or a related field, with excellent academic performance.
  2. You should have strong programming skills and be familiar with deep learning frameworks like PyTorch.Winners of ACM/ICPC or NOI/IOIare preferred.
  3. You should have some research experience in computer vision/machine learning.Having relevant research papers is a plus.
  4. You should have good English reading, writing, and oral communication skills. The English requirement for admission to SUTD's PhD program is approximately:TOEFL >=90, IELTS >=6.5.
  5. You should be self-motivated  andpassionate about research.

PhD Scholarships:

  1. SUTD Graduate Fellowship: The application deadline for Fall 2024 admission is February 2024. For more details, please see SUTD PhD Programme.
  2. SINGA Scholarship: The application deadline for Spring 2025 admission is 1 June, 2023. For more details, please see SINGA.
  3. If you have published a top conference paper as the first author, you can also apply for the AISG Scholarship (5000 SGD per month for international students). The application deadline for Fall 2024 admission is 7 February 2024. For more details, please see AISG PhD Fellowship Programme.
  4. If you hold Singapore Citizen/PR status, there are more scholarship options available (please email for consultation).


General Requirements:

  1. You should have aPhD degree in computer science or a related field, with a specialization on computer vision.
  2. You should have a strong background incomputer vision/machine learning/3D geometry, along with asolid grasp of mathematical concepts related tocomputer vision/machine learning.
  3. You should be proficient in programming languages and familiar withpytorch/tensorflow or other deep learning frameworks.
  4. You should have multiple project experiences incomputer vision/machine learning, coupled with a track record ofpublishing research papers in esteemed conferences or journals.
  5. You should have excellentproblem-solving and analytical abilities.
  6. You should have strongEnglish reading and academic writing skills.
  7. You should haveeffective communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a research group.
  8. You should have strongself-motivation and research enthusiasm.

How to apply?

Please send yourEnglish resume, transcripts, together with aresearch proposal  stating your interested research topic in 3D computer vision, to Professor Zhao Na atna_zhao@sutd.edu.sg. The email title should be: [Target Position (PhD/Postdoc) Application] Your Name + Institution Name + Qualification (Bachelor/Master/PhD).